Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Our Ambassador

For those of you who KNOW us, it's easy to 'get' our blog title.

You know WHY we had Oscar Meyer Weiner Whistles at our Wedding (say that 3 times fast!)

You can appreciate our latest pet.....being a 'must-have' and a 'requirement' for our family....as stated by my mom.

So if you know all that then you can TOTALLY get why my dear friend Des made me this for my birthday:
Not only do I think Amigurumi is the coolest....as evidenced by these great
sites.....(click HERE and HERE for A-dorable pics!) but I think the actual execution of said cuteness is amazing!
I can crochet a scarf like nobody's business....but that's using a 10 guage needle so that the work goes by quickly and productively.
These little critters take a small exact stitch...and well, I'm just not there yet!
All that is to say that I TREASURED my little red wiener dog (Wedog for short...are you catching on yet?) And the deep dark red......ah, it's perfect.........especially since Des had asked my favorite colors without me suspecting a thing!

So there will be a new series running around here....
The Wedog Chronicles
Since I limit my family photos on this site, our Wedog will be our stand in.....that way those of you who aren't subscribed to our family blog will get a glimpse at our happenings.
So much fun to be had.....and so much less exposure.....because a Wedog expose' could only be so appropriate ;)

So for your viewing pleasure..... I give you our Ambassador.....Mrs. Wedog, ahem:
Nestled around the camfire at a KOA....ready for some smores roasting. Not too close sweetie....people have been known to roast weenies...I know it's appaling, let's not speak of it again......
Splashing around at a water park...doesn't she look chipper here?

Looking a bit forlorn at the DMV.....but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!

So stay tuned for more adventures with inanimate objects....
I know, you can hardly contain your excitment ;)

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dusich crew said...

LOL! Too cute!

ps. the photos didn't post in your FB notes or maybe I just can't see it?