Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Wedog Chronicles- Saturday's travels....

Saturday was a busy day. I think I posted we had 3 major shindigs to get to...and lots, and lots of people to see :D

The first was a kid's birthday party.....swimming, BBQ and all that perfect summer fun!
The Wedog didn't show her face there, she's a little afraid of shrinking in the water ;)

Next, we attended a beautiful event for a dear friend. She titled it "In Celebration" and indeed she had much to celebrate. Three years ago she received two new organs which have taken her from being a diabetic to a healthy young, 50 year old!
Also, she and her hubby just bought a gorgeous, new home that they hope to use for home bible studies and other ministry. So along with her birthday, her second chapter of life with her 'new' body, and the exciting prospects of this new abode, they really just wanted to gather with family and friends. We were so thankful help them celebrate that joy! She is such a blessing to so many people.....families travelled from far and wide to spread the love.
You are So adored Ms. Dena!

This frame hangs in one of her washrooms:

Now that we had tuckered out the kids with swimming and visiting, we dropped them at my parents and made a mad dash to an adult birthday party.

These dear friends were up visiting from So. California and it was so good to laugh with them a bit and share in their excitement at their growing family.
Near or far, God is so good to remind us we have much in common :D
and isn't there something so comfy about this restaurant?

Thankfully, we were nearby one of these we even fit in some book browsing in our blissful, kid-free state.
Saturday had much to offer each of us.
And our Wedog was a happy companion....well I'm sure she would be if she had emotions.
But don't tell her that ;)

Until next time.....

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dusich crew said...

Hey you guys were in my hood! :)
Hope Jarrod never tire of your wedog paparazzi ...