Monday, July 13, 2009

What would you say?

Do you remember that line in Nemo....when the little octopus, and his friends are introducing themselves to Nemo?
Where Sheldon says, "I'm H2O intolerant."
And the other one says, "I'm OBNOXIOUS!" ?
Just how great it would be if everyone came with immediate disclaimers?
For instance Jay and I might say:
"Hi, I'm Jarrod and I am opinionated. Chances are I will offend you, it's not on purpose, I just need to get my opinion across. I appreciate your patience ahead of time."
"Nice to meet you! My name is Nikki and I tend to be bossy. If I'm not in control, then things probably will go wrong, and just so just know, I'll blame YOU for that later."
The longer we get to know a person, the more evident our flaws are....
and sometimes it would just be easier if we knew a little bit more about those quirks from the get go.....
Another friend stated:
“Hi, I'm ______. I am not responsible for anything that my husband says or does. He’s crazy like that.”
Which really isn't bad, unless that hubby gets too far out of line ;)
Then it might be good to know ahead of time! Before he asks a stranger to cover up their g-string plummer's crack in public or something....
One of my favorites came from a new friend, she said:
"I'm passive aggressive. You're probably going to tick me off at some point. And I won't let you know...."
I think we're all a little this ginormous fella.....
Sunfish can't have too many friends when they are as large as a dining room table.

"Hi, I'm a Sunfish. I lost half my body in a bet with God. My inferiority complex is only slightly smaller than my size. Do not comment on my appearance. Thanks"
Or these fish might say:
"We are co-dependent. If our neediness is off putting, feel free to see yourself to the door. We'll still have each other."
I'm just tired of the surprise, ya know........I think life should require a menu, or some placards at a first meeting......before we invest all this time, only to find out that there was something surprising hiding away in the seafood platter. Not that we expect to 'order' friends........but some form of disclosure wouldn't hurt ;)
Now it's your turn.
If you came with a placard, what would it say?
Cummon, be brave!

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MommyDesiree said...

Hi I'm Desiree. I tend to be really talkative, and that's in the LOUD way. I come with 3 crazy children; expect me to talk about them and allow them to eat dirt in front of you. I It's hard to make me laugh out loud but I swear I do still think you are funny. If I'm hungry I'm easily frustrated, so it's best to keep me well fed...Oh yeah, and when ever possible organic please. I will go out of my way to help you if I can, and once you gain my trust and love it's nearly impossible to loose it.