Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Chair Redux Finale!

If you're not familiar with Freecycle...then stop now and head straight to this website.....
well on second thought....maybe I won't link you...because then you'd be my competition....

Ok, fine. Here you go: Freecycle

Last year we used a pair of wooden chairs for our schoolroom.......they were from our very first dining table......and they worked out fine....except there were only two of them....and well, they were ALL cush.

On top of that my hubby had been pressuring me to get that table out of the garage....and I knew it wouldn't sell without the my hunt for new chairs began.

Last spring when I saw these chairs on Freecycle I jumped on 'em.....
Where can you find four solid chairs for free???

And I'm not afraid of a pouring in a little sweat and tears to spruce 'em up.

Unfortunately, I never got around to them. They turned into fantastic platforms in the garage though! Then just as I was putting together my lesson plans and buying school supplies. It dawned on me.....the kids have NO WHERE to SIT!!

Ugh...tack on one major project before school starts!

I don't know how many times Jarrod had to say...."You're not going to start next's impossible." Which works for me....because I'm obstinate...and just want to prove him wrong!

So as nasty and dated as these looked, I knew I could toss on some spray paint, and recover those seats.... all in my favorite colors of course!

Here are the details....I have had this upholstery fabric for YEARS....I think it was dollar fabric and I just KNEW I'd use it one day.........

So I had to buy 2 cans of black spray paint, 3 foam squares and a box of staples.

Four chairs for only $30
It would have been only $12 if I had left the original padding alone....but I wanted my babies to have cushy seats ;) and those darn squares of foam cost $6 EACH.....Sheesh!
Either way....where can you find solid chairs for only $7.5 a piece?
When I put it like that...I'm SUPER happy :D

Most of the front of my house is in black and these babies fit in nicely.
Especially with our school table....I've featured it's legs here:
I painted this old Freecycle table last year- for a whopping $6.
The red legs remind me of high heels :)
And that's all you'll get to see for today.
I'd show you a wide angle view of the room, but after only 3 days of school, we're already needing a janitor!

I'd say the hardest part was the sanding........and let me tell you those headrests were a BEAR to get back on!
But the bonus was that I watched two movies while I upholstered....good times!
In the end,
two of the chairs are just right.....and the other two are wrong....can you spot my mistake?

It's not life or death....and I'm just not feeling inspired to make it right yet.....heck, they may even grow on me like that...
Ten points if you can point it out! (PS- that's the flash making a smudge on the side of the's perfectly black...Thank you very much ;)

YAY- my 'class' now has a place to rest their laurels...
School is now is session!


Joan said...

Oh Nik, they look beautiful and I can't spot the mistake at all!! Wanna come over and re-do my Free chairs? They are currently in the shed. Feeling inspired by you, though. ;)

The Ballard Family said...

The one on the left looks like the back cushion is curved out and not in, but that may be an optical illusion.

The Ballard Family said...

Or is it that the one on the right is curved in and not out???

MommyDesiree said...

LOVE IT!!!! great work you multi-tasking crafty mama!

Eryn said...

Looking good! One of the seatbacks is biggie, they look great!

randee said...

those look great! (i love freecycle. but my husband loves it even more. he has given things away before i'm finished using them!)

Infarrantly Creative said...

Thanks for joining my party. Good job finishing them in time. I love red and black. You did a terrific job. I think I have the chair's cousin at my house...

Joy Beadworks said...

Nice find. Thanks for the reminder about Freecycle!

SuzSpeaks said...

they look great! I recently discovered freecycle. I'm loving it... I'm giving away a lot of stuff that people actually want! ha!

Marie said...

Hello! Those chairs are fabulous! What a fantastic make-over. And it doesn't matter about the back being inverted, maybe it'll help with better posture! LOL. Love the fabric you used.