Sunday, August 16, 2009

Worship Flub

So have I mentioned that I can carry a tune?
Only at don't ask for a serenade ;)

But I love to lead people in worship.....except when I mess up the words....and then I start giggling. Or like when I HAVE to burp and my mic is on SO loud! Or if I'm wearing super dark lipstick and I smear it across my face as I bump into the mic......ah, yes, those are the moments I LIVE to be onstage!

Most of that could be humorous on any other stage....but in church, the focus is NOT supposed to be on me...I'm there to point ya'll to Christ....See HIM, HE loves you and is worthy of ALL our burping/giggling/primping, it's just not proper.....or so I assume.

You'd think after more than 16 years with dozens of bands- things like this wouldn't phase me.
But this morning I goofed the words to a song.....not too much but I know SOMEONE out there noticed.....
I meshed two words together......and 'Father' blended with 'heart'.... to form:
You guessed it:






Sorry Lord! So glad you have a sense of humor......I mean you're the one who put me on the stage in the first place!

Thanks for keeping me humble! have my HEART <3


The Ballard Family said...

Oh how I love your serenades! I actually heard Jarrod singing while we were packing up from camping on Sunday, so I don't see how he could give you a hard time for it! And OH.MY.GAWD...I wish I could have heard you say FART in your time of worship!

Joan said...

Awesome! :)