Saturday, August 22, 2009

Puppy Love....or not

Have you noticed I haven't dog blogged in awhile?
I had to delete the posts....they were filled with bad words....and
as my friend Geri says......I'm much too 'churchy' to have a foul mouth.
It's like the Easter Bunny at just isn't right.

Thus, my words about Dash the Weiner dog have gone missing.

As for the pup, he's still around....and his dopey cute looks are all that's saving him.

I picked up this old library book the other day and it says it all:

It's about 'Pepper's' perspective on life....all he sees are legs.
And all he hears are feet coming to take him away....

In the end, the little nerd ends up curled up at the feet of his owners.
Resting up to do it all again tomorrow.
And that's about where we're at with Dash.....just resting up for the havoc he'll bring in the morning. Stinking cutie patootie.

1 comment:

Joan said...

We got Shali 2 puppies ... only thing is that they are stuffed!! haha! they do bark and wag their tail .. does that count? :)