Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fundraising Fun!

I probably meant to put this up on our family blog....but since all the pics are uploaded may as well enjoy!
The other night, we were invited to a fundraising event to benefit All Out Sports League. Ian played basketball through AOSL and they put on homeschool classes as well, as sport camps constantly. The founder is a wonderful man, and it's definitly a family-run business that looks to benefit the kids in our community.
But this night, we just saw it as a great reason to get out with some friends.....

The dinner was held at a local ranch/golf course...way out in the hills...
and the after-dinner-sun was magnificent....just perfect for pictures!

So indulge me with a couple close ups.....
I'll put mine first, because when you see hers.....well, you'll forget all about lil' ol me!

See? How stunning huh? Hair flying in her face, and she's the picture of contentment!
Just gorgeous! Her smile makes me I haven't a care in the world!

And on this night I really didn't.....the kids were off at Marmar and Papi's.....we stuck to our fundraising budget, and were REALLY enjoying ourselves!

After dinner there was a putting contest in which our friend came in was fun to hang around the green and chit chat while we cheered him on!

Then it was back to the tent to enjoy a local artist named Ashley Mendez. She sang accompanied by a wonderful guitarist.....if you recognize her name, then you may know that she was featured on one of the first American Idol seasons...and I have to say she DID NOT disappoint. Definitely Top 20 material! Her set was accoustic, and fresh with just enough original material sprinkled among the covers. Purely entertaining!

Though our table had no problem entertaining themselves! It was fun to watch the guys interacting.....this was their first time meeting and we all had such a blast.
Jarrod had been referring to this group as 'all YOUR friends'....because they are the ones I head for Girls Nights with........and he hadn't made it to an 'couple' gatherings yet.
Between this night and softball......he's ALL acclimated now!

Ahhhh, I've heard horror stories about fundraising dinners, but this was such a relaxing evening...very low pressure, yet filled with excitement as we bought raffle tickets and decided which prizes to put our tickets toward.
We ended up walking away with a free dinner at a favorite Chinese restaurant, as well as with a mani/pedi at a new salon. Not bad for our meager donation of $20!

Though I have to say I suspect our hosts were buying tickets and placing bids in our name.
Alisha REALLY wanted to hear them call out the name Weiner as a WINNER!

She's right though, there really is NO experience like answering to Weiner ;)

All in all we really felt like we had some great 'us' well as some unforgettable 'couple' time! Thanks friends for a perfect night out!


The Ballard Family said...

Yeah, I'm first!! Hehehe! I look at those pictures and get jealous! I wish we could have gone but I was watching my friends kids that night and it was planned way in advance. Those pictures are beautiful of you and the girls. Is Jarrod going to use the pedicure you won...since he "has never" gotten a pedicure!!

Joan said...

Lovely pictures for a lovely time! Just perfect!