Tuesday, August 18, 2009

You inspire me....


-your willingness to want to heal
-being candid with your anger
-desiring a life of service
-working toward restoration
-taking a sabbatical
-reaching out for help
-admitting that something is wrong
-gathering such amazing support
-being true to your roots
-desiring to mourn instead of bottling it up
-making connections
-admitting you have limitations
-wanting to change
-being so open to feedback
-loving so deeply
-being loyal to your family
-being loyal to your calling
-wanting to share your journey
-having goals I only dream about speaking
-standing out among a selfish generation
-your humility
-the last few years
-being exactly what God made you. Nothing more, nothing less, but perfectly amazing.
You know who you are. And that's all I want you to know.
I love you!

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