Friday, January 16, 2009

Foxy Loxy needs your help....

I'm feeling like a Bloggy Dropout posting only once this week!
The truth is I have been HARD at WORK! (Yes, there really IS overtime for at-home mommas!)
But all that aside, I have a question for my doggie-loving friends.....
What do I do if my girl seems sad??
Foxy Loxy is friendly, she's wonderful, and VERY even tempered, but the look in her eyes is pitiful!
A friend of mine pointed out that she never has that "crazy-eyed happy face," where the dog's whole body is wagging, tongue hanging ready to lick your face off!
Don't get me wrong....Foxy DOES get excited to see us, and her tail wags often, but her licks are gentle, not out of control, (which I am grateful for....and I realize that this probably sounds silly!!) She's just very subdued. She'll romp around outside, play with her toys, tug-o-war with us, take vigorous walks, and she is completely gentle with the fam.......I really shouldn't have a complaint.
I just, (gasp*, can it be?) CARE about how she's feeling! I say that because I have been accused of NOT being a dog lover!
I'm hoping this is still part of our adjustment period....., it's only been a month, right? And before she came home with us, her 'parents' divorced, she lost her home, then spent 4 weeks with a foster mom (who loved her SO much that she cried when we came to pick her up!)
I could write a sad country song about all that!
She seems to have transitioned to our home So well! She is totally patient with the kids, sleeps on Merrick's bed, and has never had an accident in the house. She isn't skittish, nor does she bark at people, just the chihuaua next door (which, I think I'd bark at if I knew how!)
I guess I'm just so pleased with her addition to our home,
that I want to make sure she's happy too.
Dang, do you think we need family counseling?!?!?
I'm just saying....this is the first dog I've ever been responsible childhood dogs were cared for by my dad....So any ideas you have would be graciously accepted :D
Really, at this point, all I can offer her are belly rubs (that girl is on her back constantly!!) and treats throughout the day. Check out her eyes in the pic below...AND that's in the midst of a total rub down from Jarrod..........ugh Foxy, why are you so sad?!?!
Alright, I'll let you talk now, Blessings and have a great weekend!


MommyDesiree said...

sorry that I can't offer any help, but I must agree with you that her eyes DO look sad....hmmm....well after hanging around you all for awhile should just do the trick- I think happy eyes run in your family ;)

..funny, I was just wondering how things were going with her yesterday....

Maritez said...

Oh poor Foxy looks so sad :( I hope you get some good advice because I am waiting for that moment I see her "smile" :D

The Jerrolds Family said...

We love love love on our Cooper dog- he gets lots of attention and just still has a sad look in his eyes. Maybe it's just how God made Foxy Loxy to look...

I have to say: I am extremely jealous and wondering why I didn't listen to my voice of reason when we decided to get another puppy. NO ACCIDENTS IN YOUR HOME??? Oh, I covet the day...

wedogmomma said...

ok, ok, I don't think she's sick...and I told my hubby about this post and he laughed at me!
So much for being a 'concerned' parent!
His take on all this.....she has a 'humble' spirit.
Huh, I hadn't gone THERE yet!

frookie75 said...

Maybe Foxy is feeling uneasy about his new surroundings. Put yourself in his shoes, caged shelter, with other sad dogs around, and now he has a new "strange" family. Maybe he is having anxiety and his adjustment period is lasting a little longer, and one day he'll be like "This is my new home, no more sad eyes for me!" Or maybe he just needs prozac. Love ya me

wedogmomma said...

I concur with the thought of us being a 'strange' family!
The Humane Society said she was a Terrier/Hound mix....The Basset Hound for the ears and the long low body....maybe it's the eyes too.....I hadn't thought of that before!
I think I'll wait on the prozac ;)

Sonya said...

No solutions here...but she does have a melancholic look about that u mention it. Hopefully it is just an adjustment issue.