Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hook Birthday Battle

Come take a trip with us…second star to the right and straight on til morning….
The details will be covered from food to lodging. Just come as you are… ye pirate, lost boy or fairy (ah, costumes ARE required)
There are places to hide from attacking seafarers....(kids could venture out from the PVC fort through a blanket covered tunnel.....all the way down the hall to the Pirate Room- this picture really doesn't do it justice...the thing was as big as our front room!)In the doorway hung a Pirate's flag.....a sign indicated just which pirate may be lurking inside:
Soft, black weed-blocking material was used to drape around the room like the sails on a ship. We'll use this material in the garden in the about more bang for our buck! Don't look now but I think we've spotted the birthday boy's dad....Captain James T. Hook! (Wow does he look grouchy, but he was a REALLY good sport about his mascot duties!)He may be on his way to torment Tink....let's go check out the girlier fort.....This Christmas gift was a perfect fit for today's festivities (with no Tinkerbell in sight we should hurry....)
But wait! (If you've seen the'll know that the imaginary banquet is a highlight of the show.)
Let's go check out the spread......
We imagined edible crayons but (pretzel rods whose ends have been dipped in candy, with homemade wrappers around their middles) without mommies....who will tell the Lost Boys that's it's ok to eat em?
I forgot to take a picture of the main food (chicken wings, hotdogs, nachos....) But here is the other table with close-ups of the colorful spread:
Isn't booty just THE funniest word?? Ah, and one of THE best snacks thanks to Trader Joe's!THIS beauty was made by a dear friend who is honing her cake making skills. This, from-SCRATCH, chocolately creation was TO DIE FOR! I am no fan of cake in general, but her cakes are moist and dense and wonderful! Oh, my! Beyond good food, there were activities galore and small prizes to be won. The standard ring toss was actually an inflated pirate ship:
The blindfold game was Stick the Treasure on the Map (all were eager to play with or without the reward of small trinkets):Speaking of....these friendly fellows guarded the prizes for the games...oversized rings and chocolate coins.
Even the pinata had a Neverland flare:
My favorite highlight to the day was our treasure hunt. Only in California can I get 16 kids running around OUTSIDE in January. The beautiful weather made it easy for the crowd to find their goody bags in here:
but not before they walked the plank:
Such an adventurous day deserved a happy yes, in the end.....our Birthday Boy pirate-turned-good guy defeated Captain Hook! Until next year... May you believe in fairies, find a plank to walk (aka, 'balance' your life with fun AND adventure) and list all your Happy thoughts.

My Happy thoughts are:

1)Smiling kids....snuggled in their pjs after a long and amazing day!

2) Homemade goodies like cakes and food labels.

3) Parties, parties, parties!!

I just need a little fairy dust and I'd be able to FLY to my room!


MommyDesiree said...


Oh it looks like you all had a WONDERFUL TIME!

Those crayons are to freaking die for!

Happy Un-Birthday (Merrick right?)...may you never grow up....

Kendra said...

Great party! I love those crayons! Where did you get the giant chest for the loot bags? (And how big is it?) You know I am planning a pirate party for my son, this year! It looks like a blast!

Sonya said...

Looks like a great party! Good job Mama! Those edible crayons look fantastic. Cpt. Hook looked like the real thing! lol

Kim C said...

How amazingly cool! Man I wish we could have been there! I would love to show my kids your pictures, but what if they want to repeat it? I would love to....if only I had time. I'm gonna pray for time for stuff like this. Wow! This is something they will remember forever! Way to go!

MommyDesiree said...

sorry Dear....

I just realized this post had NO names, then I went and dropped one. Won't happen again!