Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Our quest to walk....

My kids have fallen in LOVE with walking our dog......the arches in my feet...not so much!

I shouldn't complain, .........though my thighs are, (Ba dump, bump).....it IS wonderful to have this daily motivation to get out there and explore our trails. (Not to mention the fact that we're headed to Maui in 6 weeks...and I only found out last Friday...but that's another post...)
"Mom, when are we going to take Foxy for a walk?" is the phrase of the season!
Where to walk, where to walk.....well from our house you can set off in over 6 directions and hit various parks or trails.....nothing glamorous, but safe and accessible......and SO worthy of PE credits ;)
So off we go.........with 8 wheels, one harness and three kids!
Look at those helmets....what good boys....I've only recently made them wear these....I had been a bit oblivious to the law....oops! But after watching them become more and more daring on the hills I became The Enforcer (though I doubt I'll have them wear them on the ice rink.....I'm not quite THERE yet Alicia ;)....and they've been good sports, whew!
As far as our girl....well technically she is big enough to walk.......... but I only let her out of the stroller for short spurts....otherwise there would be no hope for me to break a sweat!
I like to think of the stroller as her dog-powered chariot...I'm there to steer and make sure she doesn't fall over...but that Foxy pulls us like a horse! She keeps a steady clip which pulls me along and I barely have to push on the stroller...
Although sometimes she's our biggest speed bump!......when she crosses in front of the stroller, or changes sides of the sidewalk......Floop, Floomp, there is Foxy with the leash all wrapped around a leg or something. So we stop and adjust.....I'm hoping it's all part of the learning curve......but it's a little maddening at times!
And that's when the boys can get a bit ahead of us......but Oooo, I have to tell you about our new secret weapon. My mom and I conspired and she bought our boys these awesome walkie talkies that work for miles! So I can let the boys go down that hill in front of me and all I have to do is radio them directions to stop, wait, etc! Sometimes a curve in the road is inevitable and I want to be in contact with them whethter they are two house or 1/2 a block away!
So far they feel like secret agents and I don't have to YELL orders to the entire neighborhood! Before I felt like I was advertising always SO Loud....I mean *Gasp* who wants to be scolded in public to 'Stay with YOUR BROTHER!" Now I am the mom who 'would NEVER do that!' :D I just reach down press a button and quietly say, "I saw you punch him, now knock it off. Just stay there.... I'm right behind you!"
The trail parallels this canal....so we inevitably stop for the boys to toss rocks in.....and contemplate death. Ah yes, that oh so light topic of children everywhere......That canal is a conversation starter. Since it's extemely gated in they always ask about swimming/fishing etc in the water....which takes me back to my Enforcer role. In a serious but matter of fact voice, I say, "If you fell in there you would die. That water will suck you down and we won't see you again."
Nothing like scarring, I mean scaring them to death! So they are very solemn when they look at this water.......whew...after typing that I'm gonna have to start praying that their memories of our walks include the happy thoughts too!

Mental note: look for more bugs, play chase and tell more stories while we walk by the canal....ah, The Enforcer will work on her diversionary tactics tonight....


Lacey said...

This post is hilarious! When I was 11 or 12, my mom and I got an 8 mo. old Rottweiler named Bar. I HATED walking that dog, because he was SO much bigger than me, and since we lived out in the middle of the desert, he was always trying to take off after rabbits and birds and roadrunners. It was horrible!

My mom didn't understand why I hated it so much until one day I came home covered in cactus. Head to toe, dirt in my teeth, blood everywhere. Oh yes, that day Bar won the leash battle!

After that... my mom came up with the "great" idea of tying Bar to my little red wagon (which we would both sit in while my mom steered), and letting him drag us everywhere. She figured that would help to tire him out, and there was no way he could go tearing after wildlife with a WAGON behind him! Right?

WRONG. We learned our lesson (and my mom experienced the catcus too)! Even though we both came home in serious agony, it's still one of my happiest memories. :D

MommyDesiree said...


Nough said.