Tuesday, January 13, 2009


If a word could define me, would it be this one?
I found this quiz on Denise's site (who, by the way, is mom to the world's CUTEST little girl)

.....and the magic Quizmaster said: Your Word is "Hope"

You see life as an opportunity for learning, growth, and bringing out the best in others. No matter how bad things get, you always have at least a glimmer of optimism.

You are accepting and forgiving. You encourage those who have wronged you to turn over a new leaf. And while there is a lot of ugliness in the world, you believe that almost no one is beyond redemption.

Wow I HOPE to live that one out - - - after last year..... I see a lot of relationships that need some of THAT! But it's not worth it unless you know WHO your hope is in:

"We work hard and suffer much in order that people will believe the truth, for our hope is in the living God, who is the Savior of all people, and particularly of those who believe." (1 Timothy 4:10)

"Now that we are saved, we eagerly look forward to this freedom. For if you already have something, you don't need to hope for it." (Romans 8:24)

"So I pray that God, who gives you hope, will keep you happy and full of peace as you believe in him. May you overflow with hope through the power of the Holy Spirit. (Romans 15:13)

Did you get all that? Yeah, it's all in there.....that beautiful B-I-B-L-E.

What's your word?


Maritez said...

The description is PERFECT for you! You do bring out the best! That part about learning & growing is the "reflective" you I was talking about :D I love it!! I just did my test...I got LOVE. I'm SO going to go post on that right now ;)

Sonya said...

Well, I took the test and I am fearless. Ha. Never would have thought that of myself since I see me as Piglet most days.:S

MommyDesiree said...

OMGosh! This is SOOOOO you. It's perfect!

on that same note...thanks for the Jacket for AJ, Joan gave it to me on Sunday. It's so warm and it was so thoughtful of you....so full of HOPE one might say!

The Shafer's said...

Thanks for sharing this..I took the test and mine was Think....I wonder why it gave me that...I had Clint take it and his was Love!!! That totally fits him! It was a fun questionaire!