Monday, January 12, 2009

Techno Fashion Show

I really haven't had a chance to play with my new laptop......seeing as I'm still shopping for a great wireless until this baby is hooked up I've been here in my 'comfort zone'--the messy, messy, office.

But I do have visions of grandeur...where I am waltzing with my laptop on the beach, or blogging away on BART while we're on a field trip....and when that happens I wanted this girl dressed up! So my gracious hubby ordered this prettiness to spruce up the whole commuter black thing I had going on..... reminds me of an old compact mirror, Jarrod thinks it has Far East written all over it.....either way it's cheery....though I must admit that I'm a bit disappointed at the way it clashes with the black....(I thought my laptop was silver when I placed the order)....but I'm sure it'll grow on me.....the pattern itself has me transfixed!

What is it you ask? Oh, well let me step aside and introduce you to Gelaskins!

I first found this company last year when I was looking for something creative to protect my Nano. This is one of the skins I ordered....Tea Party- isn't she quaint?

Gelaskins take artist's creations and beautifully mount them on thick, sticky-backed plastic. It easily applies and reapplies to your appliances whenever you need a change. And the best part is that you don't look like that average teenager with hot pink tiger stripes on your ipod!
If you do decide to check out the site, remember, this is ART.....fully open to partial nudity and interpretation...the graphics are often melancholy .......This one is called the Soundtrack of My sad, huh? I want to hug this teddy and tell him that Jesus can mend his brokeness:and then there is: When Fear turned to Frolic...which I liked but I thought might scare my daughter....I really liked the next one. And I'm noticing a theme here...I prefer mellow first I loved the design - an organic touch with a cartoon was cute.......but the title threw me; it is called's just TOO sad after you know the title, right?And then you run into the irreverent. This one is called the Flying Spaghetti Monster:

They also reproduce a print or two from artists like Monet, van Gogh and even Klimt. So there really is something for everyone. Jarrod and I definitely feel like our ipods are protected from scratches...but this isn't a thick, bouncy rubber it's not going to keep it from a good thud on the ground!

Without sounding further like a Gelaskins commercial......I MUST comment on their fantastic Customer Service. When I received one of the skins for my ipod I discovered it had been cut crooked. I figured I would have to take a picture of it, package it back up, send it to them and then wait for a new one. But this is a very small company, so the guy I talked to was one of the designers and he took my word for it that it was bad and sent me a new one in the mail That Very DAY! No hassle, no fuss...and SO trustworthy! I was just don't find that much anymore!

So needless to say I was thrilled to give them business again when I was ordering for my laptop. It's a luxury item...but such a happy thought for me....doesn't she just make you smile??? (Yes, I've decided it's a girl)

Do YOU have anything that needs sprucing??


Sonya said...

Do they make Gelaskins for Mommies?? I need a spruce-up! HAHAHA

wedogmomma said...

Short of a Tat....nah...

Maritez said...

Woohoo, you finally showed up on my Dashboard!, we just need to work on the other one...

I love the skin...I wish I could make our laptop that pretty, but I doubt Wil would want a pink pretty thing on it when he has to take it into work ;D

Heehee..I like Sonya's comment, I want a gelaskin for me too ;)

MommyDesiree said...

I'm with Sonya LOL!!!!

I'm totally loving the idea! and yes, I think that the title Jealousy just totally ruins that cute picture. So sad really, but what the artist envisions they get I guess hu?

Maritez- any private blogs won't show up on your dashboard. Its a bummer, but if you click on their last blog that was public it'll go straight to them from your dashboard...that makes it easier for me =)

frookie75 said...

I love your computer skin, it is so you!