Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy Thoughts

Bahahaha! I laugh in the face of discomfort!
......and to that I say.....We're in the home stretch folks!

Let's see since I last wrote....we have had SUCH a busy week. 
In fact, it rushed by and left me exhausted,....and tonight is only Thursday ;-)
Why you ask?  Well, we jumped right back into school and the relief of routine
washed over us and energized us!
We managed to show up ON TIME to co-op for both days this week (we're not very good at that WITHOUT a body cast in tow!), and the kids included Merrick in on all the horseplay and fun at school(ahem, wall bashing included)....then we travelled to S.F. on Wednesday for an awesome field trip.  It seemed there was nothing we COULDN'T I even attempted a birthday shopping trip to Walmart tonight.   And boy was that filled with snafus (um, if you've ever had your head slammed in a car door, you can commiserate with Merrick tonight)....yet we were uber productive, so Success!
This weekend we'll celebrate Jarrod's birthday with homemade goodies and lots of family.  The result: 
All is right with the world again.

Tonight I'm just bursting with love for this little ol family of ours
We all still have our limbs, our hearts, and most of our brains (though I'm glad the helium balloons are nearly gone....I can't spare anymore brains cells trying to get a laugh with '...all the Single Ladies...') how can I NOT be OVER-THE-MOON with gratefulness for all these crazy memories, and insane moments.  Like when all 3 kids are crying in the car on the way home from Walmart because I said they'd have to wait til tommorrow for another bite of Miss Dena's Cocoa Krispy Treats.
Yes, they ALL cried.
I giggled. 
Sadistic?  Nah, just thinking that if THIS is the worst of their worries...I'll take it. 
We have more than we could ever hope for or need in this life.  Even dessert almost every night.
The rooms in our house are bursting with forgotten possessions, and we are never without.
Most of all, their daddy comes home each night, absolutely in love with us, and dying to hang out.
We still bicker, mostly while we're playing Super Mario Bros. 
But mainly we laugh together, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

So now as the sun is shining.....peeking out through the clouds.  I don't want to forget.
A week ago I was still waiting for the sting of this ordeal to dull.
Now that the pain seems so distant, I don't want to forget how to live on the edge of a prayer.
Please God don't let us get too comfy that we stop being open about our trials, or forget to give Him the praise for all that we are......All that He has packed into this family of Weiners.
And if that doesn't make you smile, then I just can't help you ;)

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Stef said...

gosh, I love the way you blog! I love that they ALL cried when you said no. Hmmm... sounds a bit like my kids last night when I said no to McDonald's. Don't they care that the food isn't good for them?! Apparently not since Ethan said he wishes I could cook like McDonald's.

I'm glad I found this blog. what's different between this one and the other one?