Sunday, January 24, 2010

Super Merrick the Mobile

(this is the tip top part of Merrick's cast .....the first thing he sees when he looks down at his it says My Super Merrick........then our Sunday School Director went and added.....Hello I'm Mr. Jerry- ahem. a little kill-joy there....but it makes me laugh everytime.  Now back to Super Merrick)

It seems atleast a week ago since my last post on this blog.  It was the night before we would return to co-op, our twice weekly school routine.  And two nights before I would attend the funeral services for Danica.
My mood was very dreary.  Not depressed like looking up from a bottomless pit, but sad at the tragedy all around me and the lack of 'life' moving about us.  So I packed us up and prepared for the worst as we attempted to put some 'normality' back into our lives. 
And I have to tell you that the next two days have been amazing!
That morning, we woke up, got dressed and loaded the car without incident.  And when I say without incident, I mean WITHOUT RAIN! 
I swear, the Righteous Right hand of my Daddy was holding back the rain while I loaded up the van.  And though I had towels, and umbrellas and a change of clothes if we should get soaked, I needed NONE of it!
The kids and I laughed in relief as we drove to 'school' for the first time in months! (what with the Christmas Break and surgery, it was November the last time we were there as a family!)

Co-op was amazing, minus one snafu that you'll have to read about on the family blog.  Suffice it to say that with enough momentum, a wheelchair can be a deadly weapon!
After two successful classes, and a party, we loaded up to come home.  And though it began to rain while we were packing up the van, none of us ended up wet.  It was a bit of a miracle in itself as the driver of the car next to us ended up soaked while she loaded up her baby and a stroller.  Somehow, I wasn't even damp even though all I had on was a hooded sweatshirt!  Very cool.

Then Friday came, and God worked out every single detail so that I ended up being able to attend an hour of Danica's funeral.  I had wanted to go, but a playdate or childcare for a boy in Merrick's state is pretty hard to come by.  Beside that, we had purchased OVO tickets months ago for my mom's birthday.  So VERY gracious friends were ready and willing to watch the kids for the final hours before Jarrod came home. 
Thankfully, Jarrod was able to work from home and I was able to leave guilt-free that night.  My mom, dad, sister and I had an amazing time watching the Cirque du Soleil show and another miracle took place at home.

Jarrod was working while the kids watched a movie, and Merrick decided to move from one 'station' to another.  He managed to STAND UP on his good leg and hop over to the couch from the poof chair!
The rest of the night became an experiment in testing his new ability.
Long-story short, I came home that night to an obsolete bedpan, and a happy boy and his daddy!
All day Saturday Merrick practiced with the walker or manuevered from place to place holding onto furniture. 
So it is with confidence that I say Merrick is MOBILE!  Woo hooo........the days of lifting, carrying and dumping bedpans should be over!  But more importantly I'm praising God for Merrick's newfound confidence and joy!
If you said it before, you are right.
This time has flown by!  I can hardly believe this is the beginning of the end! 
Thank you, thank you for your prayers!  As I write this I feel giddy with thanks and hope for the future!
God is so good! All the time :D

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Joan said...

Amen! God is good ALL THE TIME. Praises to Him for sure! :)

Miss you BTW.