Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Power of Prayer

I want to share a bit before tomorrow's surgery.
I am already overflowing with answered prayers......and since you are among those faithful pray-ers....I want you to share in the benefits :D

First of all....we head to surgery tomorrow.  You may think that is a given.
But I was very nervous about Merrick getting too sick for the procedure.   Over the weekend Natalia started with the sniffles, which she shared with her dad.  Surprisingly no one else actually got sick.  Just our little girl. 
I had sent out several requests for prayer because Merrick's pain level has increased this week, and I just couldn't see how we could put off surgery for a later date.
But God knew.  He knew that Talia would cough in Merrick's face atleast a dozen times a day, and that she would apologize, but the damage would be done.  Yet, He protected Merrick from the germs. 
Prayer one answered.  We are well enough to proceed!

The next prayer was answered before we even knew we had a need.  It started back in December when Jarrod's entire team received Christmas bonuses.......yet our mailbox stayed empty.  We tried to shake it off and not worry about it....knowing that a bonus at his company is not a given.  Then all of a sudden a check arrived dated January 1st.  Two days later we received a call from our insurance company.  We would need to bring a co-pay to the hospital the day of the surgery.  Wouldn't you know that those hundreds of dollars would exactly match the amount of Jarrod's bonus.
Prayer number two answered.  Finances wrapped up with a bow!

The next prayers we see answered in hindsight.  The result is a calm boy, super excited for surgery in the morning.  Does the cast worry him? No.  Is he afraid of 'going to sleep'? No. 
As I marvelled at his serenity, my heart stirred with the answers.
Earlier this year Merrick fell and broke his forearm.  His experience with that cast was pleasant and fun.   Though it seemed like a trial at the time, it introduced him to life with a temporary handicap.   He handled it like a pro.  Then we came to the MRI which I STRESSED over.  I hated to see him freak out, or see me freak out while the anesthesia was administered.  God orchestrated the perfect scenario, better than I could have EVER planned.  The result?  Merrick has NO fear of the anesthesia tomorrow.  He knows he can 'go to sleep' and the Dr. will do his job, then he will wake up and we will be there to greet him.  Easy peasy.
Prayers number 3 through ?......answered.  In ways better than I could have EVER explained to a 5 year old.
So you see, your labours are not in vain.  Today I busied myself with reorganizing our schoolroom.  The kids played like it was any other day, and we shared dinner with some amazing friends.  There was no hint of tension or anxiety around our home.  And I attribute that to 'the peace that passes ALL understanding.'

No matter the outcome tomorrow we walk into this knowing there are plans for our lives greater than those we could dream up ourselves.  'Plans to prosper us and NOT to harm us.  Plans for a hope and a future.'

And we share this victory with you our Prayer Warriors!

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The Ballard Family said...

I can't wait to read your post next month on 'VICTORY'!

Praying for your family today!