Sunday, March 7, 2010

Homemade has a different flavor

I am a creative being....I think most of us are in some way.  Maybe you scrapbook....or dance.....or dream up organizational systems for your office/home (yup that counts!).....or find yourself party planning  for the tiniest milestones.....etc. 
After all, WE were created in the image of God....our Creator....thus, as His reflection, I think we would all feel the need to create in SOME way.
But what do I know?? 
I just know that I am more content when I am making something new.  Even if it's just sprucing up something old....or using a new recipe like this one....for the 4 year old who loves wasn't hard, but it was new to me:
So for the little girl who loves gifts.....who was in LOVE with Natalia's faux pearls during dress-up time....I thought a jewelry box would be a lovely birthday gift.
I ran to Marshall's hoping I'd find a perfect little girl trinket box.....but to no avail. 
Then I spotted the gem above.   At a GEM of a price...not that it matters gift-wise...but don't deals make the world go 'round? 
And with one small flaw....a tiny black smudged section on top.  Well I rubbed and rubbed and cleaned the spot with little result....then I thought....oooo pretty paper!
.....and Modge Podge!
Hopefully I girlied it up just enough....
Either way...the key was what was inside!
Baubles and gems and glittery goodies galore!
I think it worked...
She was in awe!
So here's to getting your creative juices flowing....I promise you'll feel better once you do!
As for me....those were just a couple of the things I 'made' this week.
How about YOU?


Stef said...

I LOVE what you did with the jewelry box!! I'm going to go check our Marshalls and Ross, to see if I can find one for Rachel and then I'll try (TRY) and copy your idea. I'm not creative with crafts. I'm more the organized, planning creative person :) I wish I was more crafty creative, so I'm purposing to try new things this year.

The Ballard Family said...

Awe!! Every girls open up a jewelry box full of beautiful things! Lucky girl!

p.s. I am way too busy to be reading blogs today, but I couldn't help myself!

Gina said...

Those were great creations. I want to make a rainbow cake--I think it'd be fun. Sometimes I just itch to create something. Crafts are harder to do these days with kids, but I love it! :-)