Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Let's Here It For The Boy!

When you have kids you find yourself swelling with pride...and often.
Little things can set me off on a proud moment.  Watching my 3 yr. old wash her hands without being asked.  Witnessing a moment of sweetness between siblings.  Hearing our oldest read to his siblings.  It doesn't take much  really.......but then a MAJOR hurdle presents itself and you realize that the little one you nursed in your arms just 5 short years ago....he is able to climb MOUNTAINS!

Inspite of having our Physical Therapy appointment cancelled yesterday.....(our PT guy called an hour before our appointment to say that he was booking up for the day...and he'd see us on Wednesday.
I might have growled at him....just a little)
Merrick is walking around like crazy.

All he really needed was the permission to try it out.  So we prodded a bit and now we're praying for him to slow down!  It's tough to keep a newly-mobile 6 year old from straining anything!
Especially when Tuesday's xrays looked great!
This is the side view.....you can see the spot where a tumor used to be....now it looks like a paper cut in the bone.  Just a small little slice left to represent the hours of pain, the bushels of worry, and the upheaval of our lives.
The back view shows a bit more damage.
You can see where the bone had a nice chunk removed....it's indented a bit on the left side.
Because the healing bone represents the same in an xray as the tumor did, there is no way to know that it is all gone.  Well, except that our boy is no longer in pain.  Which is the best news of all.
The best thing is we won't be going back to THIS anytime soon:
Especially since this is what he looked like for most of Sunday.  Determined to 'run' with his friends.  You can see the concentration on his face as he hobbles.  Shuffle, shuffle, swing that leg.....
But he did it....and he slept like a baby that night.
By the grace of God we have heard the last of 'tumors'....and
we look forward to many more of these:
Cheers to our brave, strong boy.
Let's take it one step at a time!


The Ballard Family said...

Amazing! What a long journey, but it looks like you are about to change your course and start heading down brighter meadows! Spring is around the corner and what a perfect time to see a new life in your little boy!

Praise God!

Gina said...

Praise God! This is awesome news! I love that smile you posted at the end--so refreshing, so heartwarming. Way to go Merrick!

Stef said...

that's awesome! Yay, Merrick!!
I bet he will forever be more mindful and thankful of the gift of legs that work. More than we ever would :)
We're still praying for him!