Monday, March 15, 2010

Ready for a Change?

(a year ago this month...we were in Maui...*sigh)
Lately we've been contemplating the direction of our life as a family.
Where to live, where to serve, how near to stay to our norm.
If you've chatted with  me at all in the past, you already know this about us!

Almost 4 years ago, we our lives were being redirected to Modesto, CA (!?!) for training...and then off to foreign lands to work as full-time missionaries.
Then our house sat on the market for far too long, and we watched that door swing shut.
But a part of us remained open to the idea of going we became restless with the norm.

Then my hubby signed on with a new company.
And I don't think I can express my feelings about that decision without being I won't.
But that job kept us in the here and now, and has been a blessing, as we've never gone without.  We have food and clothing and more importantly, stability when so many have NONE in their lives. 
We are SO grateful.
But still restless.
Now with the housing market where it is, we are pondering new 'investments.'
It would be wise to buy....but where?
And we're reminded that God's ways are NOT man's ways.
What makes sense on paper may be FAR from the will of God in our lives.
And so begins a new set of prayers....and waiting for peaceful answers.
I guarantee I have none.

And it's funny to know that the kids have all turned a year older, and the school year is wrapping up again.
And some parts of my world are as completely disorganized as ever (ahem, our office)....while others have gained new effeciency and polishing (several closets).

On a personal level, Merrick is walking.  And much faster than he should.  His orthopaedic surgeon expected him to begin walking and make progress over a 6 week period. 
He was walking with a limp by the end of the first week.  Sam, Merrick's Physical Therapist was astounded.  I now have to remind him not to run, and to point his foot straight.
It's just a matter of building strength and straightening his form at this point. 
There is no doubt about the past year Merrick grew, lost, and continues to heal from a tumor.
He is speed walking toward a full recovery.
It's all so indicative of the speed with which life is passing us by.
I've never thought I was one to sit back and enjoy the ride, but apparently that is what I have been doing.
This year has been so busy, I've been more of a spectator than a rule changer.
How about you?
Do you have dreams for your future?
Where do you go to find peace about your decisions?


The Ballard Family said...

It is hard to wait patiently on the Lord for His direction. You know that better than anyone! I will be praying for you!

Stef said...

LOVED this post, Nikki. Wow. You just posted most of my feelings from last year.
The commenter above is absolutely right! Only you and your husband (and God) will know what's best for you. Others think they do, but its kind of a between you and God thing :)
I will be praying for you; for God's wisdom and clarity.

My dreams for the future would mainly be that Jason and I will put ourselves out there even more, to be used in God's Kingdom, even more. Whether its simply serving at church or serving our community or whatever... God knows.

Yay for Merrick! Wow. I am totally impressed, but again, its ALL God. He's just showing through M's healing process, how powerful He is and how He answers the prayers of His children.
So glad he's getting better so fast!

Joan said...

Waiting is hard. Taking a step of faith is even harder. We always want to be in God's will. But He doesn't always give us ALL the details. But "we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him" ... so all he requires us to do is to LOVE HIM. Thinking of it that way brings me peace. Will pray for you love. :)