Thursday, March 18, 2010


What's in a name?
Our entire identity.  Our nicknames are important....even whether or not our name rhymes with the WRONG word.  Or GASP!  IS the wrong word.  ahem.
In life we don't really choose our name.  It's usually up to our parents.....Unless we decide to jump through legal hoops and have it changed. 
I know first hand that you can't choose the name of those who you fall in love with....Marriage doesn't guarantee you get a 'better' name.  It just brings a 'different' name.  In my case, it's a name that's such a source of entertainment and giggles!  Most of the time it's not MY embarrassment...but that of another's that I get to share.  I LOVE hearing telemarketers stumble over 'Whiner....Weemer....Weener?'
Anyhow, I tend to think of my name as not so much an identity, but a comedy bit.

I thought of all of this when I came across this picture.
You see, I have a namesake.  Well that's what her parents tell me.  This is a little girl who goes to our church.  She's not even 5 yrs old....but she was named after me.  Meet Nikki.
I may be partial, but I think she's adorable.  And everytime I see her I get a little twinge in my heart.  A reminder that not only am I accountable for my own sake, and for my kid's example, etc.  But, there are others who watch me, and see my actions as well.  For reasons that make me blush Nikki's parents thought I'd be a good person to be named after.  Mind you, these people have no other tie to me, other than church, so I hold this responsibility very dear.  I guess that explains a lot huh?  They may not know me as well as they THINK they do.....Muahahahahaha! ;)
Either way,
Nikki is counting on me to walk the walk, and not just talk, the talk.

But not only am I a Nikki.  And certainly not just a Weiner, but I am a child of the Most High Living God.
The Creator of this earth....the One who placed SUCH importance on names, that it was the first job he gave Adam in the name all the animals.
And I have His name.  Elohim, Jehovah, they are written on my heart.

So much more than worry about what I am called, I need to worry about who I am named after.   My God, my King.....He has commissioned my life for a purpose, and I carry my name like a badge, because there is much to be done.
So to all the Nikki's in the world, let's make a difference.
Love today, when you think it's impossible.  Forgive and shake off the grudge. 
Dance through the awkward moments and rebuild what was torn down.
Life is ticking away, and there will only be ONE YOU to leave a mark.
And if you ever get down on yourself, just remember that there are Weiners rooting for you.....
And you are Holy and Set Apart, no matter who picked your name!


Stef said...

I might just be more emotional than normal right now (since it is *that time* for me) but this post really made me cry. I loved it. Such a tender reminder of this important job God has blessed us with.

We've tried to give our kids meaningful names...
Ethan the Ezrahite wrote Psalm 89 which I've always loved and that first name went well with the middle name we were going to give him, which was Darrel.
Rachel we picked for various reasons... I'm partial to the story of Jacob and Rachel in the Bible (someday maybe I'll tell you about Jason and my early relationship) and we loved the middle name Kathryn for her first name.

Kara Joy basically means Pure Joy or my dear joy... and we thought it was beautiful. Plus, Kara is an Italian word for Dear One, so we pulled from my heritage on that one.

Anyway, I loved this post.

Gina said...

That was such an inspiring post! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. John & I put serious thought into what we named our kids--we wanted strong names with good meaning. But I love what you added to it--how the Lord's name is written on our hearts. Seriously, I was inspired. And however frightening it is to think that people are watching us (don't they *always* catch like the worst moments?!) that too is a great reminder. Little Nikki has a wonderful namesake and I know you'll walk the walk. :-)

Hen Jen said...

really good thought about who we are in Christ!

how wonderful to have a namesake!