Sunday, March 21, 2010

Why is there a toilet in my hallway?...and other tales

Well, I've been a little absent from bloggy land lately.  I know, you were TOTALLY missing me right?
But the truth is in all our craziness I have TOO much to post!
So I'm going to sneak one more entry in here before things go beserk...or more beserk.
I tell ya, we're you're walking with God, things become a sprint REALLY quickly!

About 6 months ago I saw a billboard on the side of the road. It was very minimalistic.  Mostly white with an orange square off centered....and the word SPACES in a bold font.
It was an ad for a new housing development and I was smiling psuedo family, no blah house, just an orange square. So I looked it up online and found this development being planned.
I REALLY like what they were selling, but had NO designs on buying a new house. So that was the extent of my quest.  Pretty billboard, nice concept.

Then 3 weeks ago I ran right into the subdivion while taking the boys to their art class.
A class we had been attending for 4 weeks.  But for some reason I noticed the sign again.  This time I went and took a look.  I fell in LOVE with the unique vision for this small development. The houses are designed with a European flavor.  They are very open and sleek, think Ikea done well.
Next thing I know Jarrod and I are gathering our info to get pre-approved, just to 'see.'
It was the first time I had EVER imagined moving for other reason other than ministry or a job.

This was just fun.
Well wouldn't you know, we could afford the house, but as we looked into it further, we didn't like the lots they were offering.  Door #1 shut.
Enter our dear friend with her mad Realtor skills.  She offers to start looking up houses for us.
We oblige for the fun of it, knowing full well that we have NO down and NO nest egg to speak of, since we had put everything we had into medical bills over the past few months.

But the more we prayed about it, the more info we gathered and it really seemed like this was a good time to make an investment.  We realized that as much as we'd like to move out of the area. We want to be here, close by my parents and Jarrod's family for as long as possible.
So we decided the next step would be to finish up those long awaited projects and find a renter for this house.  Mind you, we've had no idea HOW to do any of this!
But things were flowing along.  God kept putting exactly the right people in our path to provide just the right information we'd need. 
Then we talked to my parents about moving in with them for a time to save some money.  They graciously agreed, and we continued on our occasional house tour.  Is that Door #2 opening?
Then we saw one we really liked.  It was just enough MORE room, and was move-in ready, a stipulation Jarrod was firm on keeping!
The thought of losing this opportunity while we saved up our down became something we prayed HARD about...We had toyed with the idea of asking my parents to borrow the down, but we did not want to take advantage of their generosity.  Moving in would be MORE than ENOUGH!
So we kept praying and Jarrod had a plan to pay back the down payment loan and all of a sudden we began praying for the courage to ask.   Again, we felt the Lord nudging us in this direction. To stop fearing and just put it out there.  Our parents were SO gracious, "That's what family is for!" they replied.....and Door #3 swung open.
So we steadied ourselves to find a renter, and to fix up what needed to be fixed.
That's when I thought I'd drop an acquaintance a note on FB.  She and her family were having to move quickly from their townhouse a couple of cities away.  It was a long shot, but I had a peace about asking.
So I put out minimal details in my note, just to let her know we'd be renting out our home within the next month.  Wouldn't you know she replied almost immediately and we spent the remainder of the evening exchanging information and details about her wishlist and our home.
They visited less than 24 hours later, and we all have SUCH a peace about their NEW home!
We will be leaving mid-April :D
Our first offer will be submitted for OUR new home tomorrow.
Meanwhile this is what Jarrod created in our master bathroom.
Fine, this is what it ACTUALLY looked like....the green effect just made it seem like the monster it is!
I'm glad that the new tenants will enjoy a brand spanking new shower....but why did WE wait 8 years to fix it?!??!
He's just lucky I think he's cute with a white mohawk!  That'll get him far....
So that is what we are up to....I have 3 weeks to turn over our home to a new family.  It hasn't sunk in yet, the drama of it all.  But watching God provide every step along the way is amazing!
I wanted to cry when our new renters were leaving.  They are believers as well, and they have their OWN story about where God is taking them.....whodathunk it was to OUR house!!


Joan said...

A simply AMAZING God Story! Enough said. :)

Gina said...

How very cool! I love stories that show how God works! And yes, when He puts things in line, all of a sudden you do find yourself running to keep pace. :-) My best to you all in the next few weeks of work and relocation. How exciting! :-)

The Ballard Family said...

Why did I cry reading this? Silly! Happy tears for you! What an exciting journey! Now all you need to tell your parents is that baby # 4 is on the way! lol! Well, that and the fact that GNO is at your (their) house next month! haha!!
Tell me what you need!

wedogmomma said...

Cindylou who...BITE YOUR TONGUE!
I'll take that blessing with OPEN arms...but it will certainly be the one that KNOCKS me over! Baby #4!

And thanks for tearing up with me friend. I feel like such a peon in a great BIG plan! Amen to that!
Ooo, GNO at Marmar's....volleyball anyone??